How a beaver dam was slowing the flow on the Otter yesterday


Mark Elliot, Devon Beaver Project Lead for the DWT sent us the following clip:

I was up in the headwaters of the River Otter yesterday, in an area where a family of beavers are living. They’ve built a lovely dam here which clearly shows how beaver activity can reduce flood risk downstream after the kind of heavy rain we’ve seen this week.

IĀ filmed for a minute or so, showing the dam dispersing water into wetlands created by the beavers. These wetlands will hold back water and release it slowly, over a longer period of time, into the main river channel.

– and turn your sound up to hear my commentary on how the beavers are helping to reduce flood risk.

Thanks, as always, to DWT members and all other supporters of the River Otter Beaver Trial.

Best wishes


Mark Elliott

Devon Beaver Project Lead

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