Sat in the heart of Braunton Village, Braunton Great Field is a unique place to visit. One of only two Medieval style open strip farming systems left in the UK, believed to have been in use since the early 1200s. It is very much a part of Braunton’s and North Devon’s heritage.

Hay bails in September on the Great Field in Braunton

As well as the stunning panoramic views of Braunton village and the surrounding area, you get a real sense of history and can imagine what life must have been like for generations of Brauntonians sharing and working the field throughout history.

In 1840 it was recorded that the Great Field was divided into some 600 strips owned by 60 people, but today the land is worked by just a small number of farmers growing arable crops. Braunton Great Field is approx 350 acres in size with access from vehicle gates and footpaths all around.

While walking the Great Field, clues to the field’s ancient heritage are easy to spot. Landsherds (small mounds of earth separating the strips) and furlough boundaries are still visible.

The map below shows access points for footpaths across the Great Field. (Marked by blue flags) Access is on foot only. Vehicle access is restricted to farm vehicles. The nearest car parks are Caen Car Park in Braunton village and Velator Quay, shown as red flags on the map.

Dogs are welcome but must be under close control and not walk on or foul the crops. The whole are can get quite muddy and boggy in the winter so boots would be recommended.