Braunton Beacon walk

  • Start: Braunton Countryside Centre
  • Distance: 1.84 km
  • Walk Time: 30m
view of Braunton from Braunton Beacon Hill

The summit of this hill walk takes in stunning panoramic views towards Hartland, across the Taw and Torridge Esturary, the Braunton Great Field and Braunton Burrows.

Historically the hill was used as the site of a signal beacon which, when used as part of a chain of such beacons, could convey messages from the coast to Barnstaple then on to London as swiftly as possible. During the second world war, a concrete gun emplacement was constructed to house a Bofor gun which could be used to fire out to sea, or for air defence. The base is still there today.

The hill was once private land but was donated to the people of Braunton and has now become an important woodland habitat for many flora including, bluebells, and orchids as well as fauna such as buzzards, badgers and the Greater Horseshoe Bat.