This page contains a map image and a PDF map download of the Braunton Burrows.

The Braunton Burrows is a large area of dunes situated behind Saunton Sands Beach. There are no sign posts or markers, but there are some significant landmarks that may help you to navigate around.

The Braunton Burrows map is orientated north to south and shows clearly how the Burrows are separated into three zones from 1 to 3. The purpose of this is to enable the rotation of cattle or to house both cattle and sheep. For each zone there is a car park. Zone 1 can be accessed from Saunton Sands Beach car park, Zone 2 from Sandy Lane car park and Zone 3 from Crow Point car park.

Braunton Burrows Map

The Braunton Burrows are made up of dunes (the higher parts) and slacks (the lower parts) each of which has been named, mostly by the military over the years. The military have also left flag poles at the top of the largest dunes helping them to be recognised.

This particular Braunton Burrows map illustrates two walks which are described in the PDF download. One is in Zone 2 shown by a pink line, the other in Zone 3 shown by a blue line.

Finding your way around

The Braunton Burrows is a large area, full of high dunes, open plains and wooded copses. There are no sign posts or marked paths so it is easy to get disorientated and lost. If you do find yourself unsure of where you are, just remember this. The Burrows runs from north to south and on one side is Saunton Sands Beach and the sea, the other is the American road (part of the South West Coast path).

If you are heading back to Saunton Sands Beach car park, head towards the sea and the beach will take you back there.

If you are heading back to Sandy Lane car park or Crow Point car park, walk away from the beach and eventually you will find the American Road from which you can access both car parks (Sandy Lane left, Crow Point right).

There are also several clearly defined vehicle tracks where land management and military vehicles access the Burrows. These are the best tracks to follow if you become disorientated.

There are hundreds of footpaths to follow that have been carved out by walkers over many years, but they tend to criss-cross and some are no longer used so end up at dead-ends in thick foliage. They are fun to follow, but do not rely on these tracks alone.

Download the Braunton Burrows Map and information guide