The Biosphere Nature Recovery Plan – Let’s Make It Happen!

Nature Recovery

Braunton Countryside Centre
13th Oct
Join us on 13th October from 7pm to hear from Mike Moser, Chair of the Nature Improvement Group, who will give an overview of the North Devon Biosphere’s Nature Recovery Plan

The Nature Recovery Plan contains a vision for nature across the North Devon Biosphere by 2030. The plan contains five sections that detail action plans for nature recovery, including:

  • Trees, Woodlands and Hedges
  • Towns and Villages
  • Grassland and Arable
  • Wetlands and Waterbodies
  • Coasts

You can find the details of the Nature Recovery Plan here.

As part of this plan, we are looking for individuals, schools, businesses, local authorities, and other organisations to sign the Nature Recovery Declaration. Nature is currently a shadow of its former glory across the Biosphere, and we need action from everyone to ensure we can tackle the climate and ecological emergencies.