Get Carbon Savvy with Mukti Mitchelle, Carbon Savvy

14th Apr

Join Mukti Mitchelle, Director from Carbon Savvy as he discovers how reducing your carbon footprint can improve your quality of life.

During his 25 years of living a low carbon lifestyle, and giving hundreds of talks and workshops, Mukti made an astonishing discovery:  When asking participants what actions they would like to do to increase their quality of life, he realised that nearly every action they wanted to take to increase their quality of life would also reduce their carbon footprint.

In this talk Mukti will give a complete overview of the UK Carbon footprint, the ten biggest steps you can take to reduce it, and how these improve your quality of life.  Participants will be invited to consider what would improve their own quality of life, and how this is related to their carbon footprint.

This online event will be hosted on Zoom and there will be a live Q&A with the speaker after the presentation. Participants will be sent joining instructions shortly before the event.

About the Presenter:

Mukti Mitchell; Director of Carbon Savvy and Founding Director of Mitchell & Dickinson insulation services.

Mukti is a sailor, carpenter, director and author on eco-living.  Through his own experiments in low carbon living over 25 years he has discovered that not only does reducing your carbon footprint improve your quality of life, but genuinely improving your quality of life also reduces your carbon footprint!

His work to promote low carbon living includes: Founding Mitchell & Dickinson, specialists in insulating period properties, who have saved over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 to date; Designing and building an award winning zero-emission micro yacht in which he sailed around Britain in 2007 to promote low carbon living, reaching an audience of 10 million; Writing an award-winning online carbon footprint calculator.

In 2020 he started Carbon Savvy, a carbon literacy project working in collaboration with local councils to help them reach their 2030 zero emissions targets.  The main focus of the program is enabling people to understand simple easy ways in which to reduce their carbon footprint 10% per year, with a positive, guilt free and inspiring approach.