Exploring Dynamic Dunescapes Dune Restoration: A guided walk

Join Dynamic Dunescapes local Project Officer Rupert Hawley on a tour of the recent dune restoration works across the Braunton Burrows.

Braunton Burrows
1st May

What to Expect:

The beautiful Braunton Burrows is home to the second-largest sand dune system in the United Kingdom. As a result of its significance for wildlife and sand dune habitats on a global scale, the area has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and it is the core-area and the basis for the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation.

Over the last three years Plantlife, as part of the partnership Dynamic Dunescapes, has been working to restore the Burrows to a more open and dynamic dune habitat. Large areas of open bare sand have been created so that both rare and common plants and animals can flourish again. The works are dramatic and can be destructive – removing vegetation and scrub. Over 60 hectares have been improved and restored and Rupert will take you on a tour of these areas explaining why the works are necessary, how the flora and fauna will benefit and how we might safeguard the Burrows for future generations.

Starting at the Crow Point Car Park, the walk will follow paths through the Burrows, traversing some sand and uneven terrain with some dune climbing involved.

Please wear weather appropriate clothing, bring a waterproof coat and sturdy walking boots as well as drink, snack and sun protection.

About the Guide:

Rupert grew up in North Devon and has worked for the Biosphere Service, the AONB, Devon Wildlife Trust, the Gaia Trust and for Christie Estates. He is fascinated by the relationships between fungi, plants, insects and mammals and how our understanding of these connections can help us to restore nature and ourselves.

Where to meet:

Meeting at Broadsands Car park (Crow Point), you will need to follow the toll road to the car park at the end of the single lane road. Allow time to drive up here, as passing places are limited.

The toll road will cost you £2.50 in cash, so make sure to bring change with you.

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