Braunton – Can Beavers Help With Natural Flood Management?

Find out if beavers could be introduced in the Caen Catchment and the benefits they could bring to Braunton

21st Apr

This event will introduce the Caen Catchment Beaver Partnership and the membership of this group. Presentations will explore evidence from other areas that have introduced beavers, as well as outline the Braunton proposal. There will be a Q&A after the presentations to discuss the project.

Beavers can help us prevent floods, purify and store water, and bring back other wildlife. As a keystone species, beaver enrich their ecosystems, creating the complexity and resiliency our watersheds need to absorb the impacts of climate change. Beavers have been successfully introduced in other areas in Devon and across the UK. Could they be a natural solution to help alleviate future flooding in the Caen Catchment?

This event will be hosted online via Zoom. Attendees will be sent the joining instructions shortly before the event.

Join us to find out more and to support the Caen Catchment Beaver Partnership.

About the Presenters:

Adrian Bryant is a Braunton Parish Councillor and has been leading on consulting landowners and other key stakeholders about the introduction of beavers on the Caen Catchment. Adrian is also a founding member of Braunton Regen a local climate action group.

Chris Jones is Restoration Director from the Beaver Trust. Chris leads the river and beaver restoration programme helping communities to develop projects that will recover biodiversity and build climate resilience. Chris is a farmer and ecologist based in Mid Cornwall.