Braunton Burrows Wildlife Walk


Join ecologists Mary & John Breeds on this guided walk to discover what makes the Braunton Burrows Nature Reserve so special.

Braunton Burrows Nature Reserve lies at the heart of the North Devon Biosphere. Its sand dunes and slacks boast a unique, rich diversity of plant and animal life, with 470 species of flowering plant (including 11 species of orchid alone). It is also home to a wide range of fauna – an abundance of insects that includes 33 species of butterfly, many nesting birds and 5 of the 6 reptile species found in the UK.

Renowned local experts Mary and John Breeds from the Braunton Countryside Centre will lead guided walk looking at the flora and fauna to discover what makes this ecosystem so important.

Participants must be pre booked to attend. Meeting at 7pm Sandy Lane Car Park.

About the Guides:

Mary & John Breeds MBE are experienced ecologists with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in conservation in North Devon. For many years John was the ranger for the Braunton Burrows and Mary wrote the definitive wildflower ID guide for the Braunton Burrows Nature Reserve.

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